Under the Ruffles: Pulling Dresses

White Dresses is excited to be sharing another answer to a frequent question from brides on our Under the Ruffles column! Make sure to send your questions to either our Huntsville Bridal Shop or Nashville Bridal Shop to see them answered on the blog! 


Q: I am completely overwhelmed by what type of gowns I should look at trying on. How do I know what dresses I need to pull?

First of all, you are not alone! So many of our brides we meet are completely overwhelmed about what they are looking for and the last thing you need to be worried about is picking out the dresses you should pull from the rack! Both of our locations train their staff very carefully to ensure that they pull gowns that will meet the feel of your wedding and that they don't leave any options that you might potentially like out. 

We suggest talking to the store you are planning an appointment at before you ever enter the doors. Share what you are looking for, the feel of your wedding, how you want your wedding dress to feel, and concerns you might have about dresses. Next, let your consultant pull gowns for you. They are trained in gowns that will fit your body and know the inventory like the back of their hands! While we definitely don't want to discourage you from pulling dresses, our consultants tend to be able to pull options that will surprise you and will remain in budget while fitting the theme or feel of your wedding. Finally, try to keep an open mind about gowns that are pulled for you. Sometimes gowns look terrible on the hanger and look amazing on - you don't want to miss out on the perfect dress because it didn't hang great! 

We also suggest not pulling too many dresses during your appointment. Now, we know that you want to try tons of options on and we definitely want you to see as much as our store has to offer. However, trying on gowns is more of a workout than many expect and you can easily start to get confused when you see too much on! Let us help you by pulling four dresses to start and then building off those pulls based on your comments. 

Finally, try to talk to your party about allowing you to pull the gowns. We know Grammie Shirley is just trying to help - but she might pull the $12,000 gown off the rack when you are trying to stay closer to $4,500! Just tell Grammie to sit down and relax and let us treat you to a fun day! 

We hope this eases your mind about coming in and trying on! This should be so FUN and we want to make sure it is every step of the way!