Sashed: "B141" by Erin Cole

Oh how our little Southern bridal shops absolutely adore B141 by Erin Cole. This little sash by Erin Cole is a total dream maker and ends up pulling together some of our favorite looks! One of the many reasons our Alabama bridal shop and Tennessee bridal shop love B141 is how seamlessly it fits on so many lace gowns — the sweet English net fabric with the delicate beading atop stunning lace make this piece perfect for the bride who wants to add just a little something on her gown. It is pretty easy to see why both our Huntsville Bridal Shop and Nashville Bridal Shop love this piece. 

Photo via Erin Cole.

Photo via Erin Cole.

We sat down with one of the Nashville Bridal Boutique's owners to hear what she likes to pair with this favorite sash from Erin Cole! 

B141 by Erin Cole actually pairs pretty well with all the dresses at both the Nashville Bridal Salon and Huntsville Bridal Salon. While most of the consultants end up pulling B141 for lace gowns, I absolutely love pairing it with Julia by Stephanie Allin. The simplicity of the Julia gown with the amazing detail of the Erin Cole sash create a great juxtaposition and I absolutely adore the look! Of course, I also pull the sash for just about every other gown - there is nothing it actually doesn’t work with!
— Kara Leonard, Nashville Bridal Boutique Owner and Co-Founder of White Dresses

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