Under the Ruffles: Things to Bring to a Bridal Appointment

Our Southern Bridal Shops are so excited to share another answer to a question we received from a bride for our Under the Ruffles column! Make sure to send our Southern bridal boutiques your questions to see them answered right here on the blog! 

Photo via White Rabbit Studios.

Photo via White Rabbit Studios.

Q: I absolutely can't wait for my appointment, but I am wondering what I need to bring with me in order to see the dresses the best. Can you tell me what you would suggest to bring along for trying on sample gowns? 

Being prepared for your bridal appointment will make it so much more enjoyable - so props to you for being one step ahead by checking in on what to bring with you to your appointment! When coming to your bridal appointment, there are definitely some necessities that you should bring - including a strapless bra and full coverage underwear. This blog post will hopefully make deciding what to bring along with you to help you find the perfect gown easy! 

Strapless Bra: We have brides ask us all the time whether they need a strapless bra to try on. While it isn't mandatory, it definitely can help seeing the gowns much easier. Even if you are not interested in a strapless gown, most formalwear boasts necklines that don't work with normal bra straps - so seeing is made much easier if we don't have to worry about pesky strapless messing up our vision!

Nashville Bridal Shop Tip: Our Southern Bridal Shops suggest the Venus Cupid Bra, which is a strapless and backless bra that provides great support and lift! 

Full Coverage Panties: We know that you probably aren't sporting granny panties on a regular basis, but you might think about packing a pair for your bridal appointment. You will be getting in and out of gowns with the help of a consultant (aka - a total stranger) and having your bum covered will probably make you feel more comfortable during the process. While full coverage underwear are not required, some form of panties are for health reasons - so leave going commando for wedding day. 

Nashville Bridal Boutique Tip: Our Southern Bridal Shops suggest a nude pair of seamless panties from Victoria's Secret. 

Shoes: If you are planning on wearing a nice pair of stilettos on wedding day, you probably want to pack them with you for trying on! This will help when we are measuring you for the gown you find, as we can ensure the length will be right on the gown we order. In fact, if you are planning on wearing any shoes besides flats - bringing them with you can definitely help! 

Huntsville Bridal Shop Tip: If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that also provides height, we suggest a wedge. While it might not be the Jimmy Choo stilettos you were dreaming of, you will be able to walk on your Honeymoon without wanting to cry!

Heirloom Accessories: Our Southern brides love a good heirloom and we definitely agree that incorporating a little of your past is a sweet gesture for wedding day! If you are planning on wearing a special veil or piece of jewelry, make sure to bring it with you for trying on gowns so that you can make sure the gown you pick works perfectly with the heirloom piece. 

Huntsville Bridal Boutique Tip: Many brides have friends or sisters who have walked down the aisle before them! Chat with each other to determine if there is a veil or sash that could work for everyone to share! 

Pictures: Pictures really are worth a thousand words and having an idea of what you like before you ever come in will really help your consultant. If you can't send photos via e-mail first, make sure to try to bring photos from Pinterest or magazines with you so we can get an idea of what you are looking for! 

We hope this helps you with deciding what to bring for your appointment! Make sure to check our blog often to find special events we might be having. To schedule an appointment, please call either our Alabama Bridal Shop or our Tennessee Bridal Shop.