Under the Ruffles: When to Shop

Our Southern Bridal Shops have loved hearing your questions and sharing our expertise to try to help you make your bridal shopping experience perfect. The question today is a really important one and we are so glad one of our Nashville Brides sent us a little question concerning when to shop! Make sure to send your questions to either our Huntsville Bridal Shop or our Nashville Bridal Shop to see them answered on the blog. 

Photo via White Rabbit Studios.

Photo via White Rabbit Studios.

Q: My wedding isn't until January 2017. When would be the best time to shop for and order my wedding gown?

We hear this question ALL the time from our southern brides and we are so happy to be able to share about the timeline of getting your gown in! We suggest that all brides shop for and purchase gowns nine to twelve months before their wedding. This timeline isn't unique to our Southern bridal shops - it is a pretty universal timeline that can be adopted no matter where you are searching for your gown. 

Our Nashville Bridal Boutique and Huntsville Bridal Boutique want to help explain the timeline of a gown becoming perfect for your wedding day to help our brides understand that timeline suggestion of 9-12 months out from their wedding. When a bride comes into our shops, we have a one-on-one consultation with bride to determine what exactly they are looking for. After they have found the gown in our shop, we take measurements to determine a size to order or take measurements to send to the designer so that the gown can be created for their body. Once a designer receives an order, they have to order the material needed for the bride's gown and begin the construction process. Since our designers are so amazing and the creation of a wedding gown is a truly intricate process, most require we order gowns four to six months before they are due to us. Once a gown is received, we start the alterations process immediately. Our seamstresses request two to three months for the alterations, depending on the type of gown and their workload. This ensures that we get the bride her gown at minimum a month before her wedding. 

A lot of brides have asked about rushing options and we definitely do offer rush options for the majority of our brands. However, these normally come with a fee attached. For most of our brides, weddings are already expensive - so why stress yourself and your pocketbooks out more by waiting? Additionally, our alterations specialists can rush gowns received closer to the wedding date. However, they also attach a small rush fee to alterations since they have to cease working on gowns that were already brought in to them in plenty of time. Adequately giving yourself enough time to find the right gown will make the whole process so much easier, not to mention cheaper! 

If you have a shorter wedding date timeline, definitely give us a call and we can help you by determining if we have enough time to order a gown! 

That being said, we never suggest shopping before you are ready to make a commitment to a wedding gown. You never know when you are going to have that perfect bridal moment and brides should be ready to commit to a gown when that moment happens because it is hard to recreate that feeling. 

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