Under the Ruffles: Trendy v. Traditional

White Dresses is so excited to answer a question from a sweet Alabama Bride in today's Under the Ruffles column. Make sure to gather your questions and send them to either our Huntsville Bridal Shop or Nashville Bridal Shop to see them answered on the blog. 

Photo via JLM Couture.

Photo via JLM Couture.

Q: I am absolutely loving some of the trends I am seeing in bridal gowns, but my mom keeps reminding me that I want a timeless gown to look back on. Should I select something that is trendy now or something that is traditional and will stand the test of time? 

First, there is absolutely no right answer to this question — it is really all about personal preference and what you want your wedding to embody. While we probably can't tell you what direction you should go in, we definitely can give you some advice for making sure that the gown you pick is perfect for your wedding day. 

Here at White Dresses, we love both timeless and traditional gowns and gowns that are of the moment and trendy! When deciding what type of gown you should pick for wedding day, we suggest asking yourself three simple questions — (1) How do I want to feel in my gown?, (2) What look best embodies my personality?, and (3) What type of pictures have I been gravitating towards? Answering those questions will likely help direct you on the gown that will be perfect for you and your wedding. 

We chatted with White Dresses Nashville owner, Kara Leonard, for her take on how to determine if you should go trendy or traditional for your wedding look. 

I think brides have to look at their everyday wardrobe and really try to mimic that on an elevated level for wedding day - are you a bride that is constantly watching trends or do you tend to stick with tried and true looks no matter what is in the pages of your favorite fashion magazine? Answering that question will likely tell you what you would feel most comfortable with doing on your wedding day. If you always are looking for new trends, a traditional gown might not be the best option for you. Conversely, if you love dressing in all J. Crew clothing and love that really traditional look, don’t let wedding day be the first day you step out of that box.
— Kara Leonard, White Dresses Co-Founder and Nashville Bridal Salon Owner

One thing to keep in mind is to not let the potential of your future thoughts on the gown deter you from selecting the gown you feel best in. Fashion is always evolving and changing and your tastes will likely evolve and change as well. As long as you feel your best in the moment on your wedding day - you will always look back on your wedding pictures with fond memories. 

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