Remembering Ayse

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. - Dr. Seuss

Two years ago from today, we met one of the most beautiful souls. February 8, 2014, was an extremely busy day at our Huntsville Bridal Shop. We had around eight appointments and at the time when Ayse came into our shop for her scheduled appointment - both of our fitting rooms were full. She graciously said she could come back later, but we asked if she would mind to give a couple of minutes to get things cleared out. By the time we had gotten the other dressing rooms emptied, Ayse had been at the shop for about thirty minutes. Her sweet kindness and accommodating spirit was evident - she didn't complain or show any type of frustration. 

We ended up spending about two and a half hours with Ayse. We sat on the couch with her, learned of how she had met the love of her life, talked about how excited she was about becoming part of his family, and discussed what she wanted to feel like as she walked down the aisle. 

Ayse with Teresa at the Huntsville Bridal Shop.

Ayse with Teresa at the Huntsville Bridal Shop.

More than Ayse choosing her wedding gown with us, I feel like we chose Ayse. I don't know if it was fate or an answer to prayer, but Ayse became a sweet friend. We looked forward to every interaction we would have with her - time we would spend getting to know her mom and dad, learning about her new hubby to be, and hearing about her future bonus daughter. 

Last October, I received an e-mail from Ayse's bonus daughter that she had passed away. It was in the middle of October market and I sat in the Anna Maier runway show with tears streaming down my face. It didn't seem real or right - surely our sweet Ayse was still here and we would get to chat with her again. 

Sometimes you don't realize how much you impact people. I feel certain Ayse didn't know how much she had impacted us - how much we cared for her, how long we had spent watching her sweet wedding video or looking through her wedding picture albums. Ayse was far more than a bride to us - she was an extremely special friend. 

Today, as we remember the time we spent with Ayse during our first meeting two years ago, please say a prayer for her family - her sweet husband and bonus daughter, her precious mom, her kind father. 

We will forever remember you, Ayse. And our prayers have been and will continue to be with your family.