Under the Ruffles: Gown Preservation

After the dance floor has emptied and the last piece of cake has been eaten many of our brides are left with a question of what to do with their gown. Our Huntsville Bridal Shop and Nashville Bridal Shop are excited to answer a common question we receive from so many brides in today's Under the Ruffles column - how do I clean and preserve my dress?

Photo via Buffy Dekmar Photography.

Photo via Buffy Dekmar Photography.

Q: We just got home from our honeymoon and my dress looks like it had a lot of fun in the dirt (at least you know I was able to get down on the dance floor - haha). Who should I get to clean my dress and how should I preserve it in case my daughter loves it as much as I did?

So many of our darling southern brides ask us about cleaning and preserving their wedding gowns and we are so excited to share all about why this is so important! After you've made the initial investment in your gown, you are going to want to protect that investment - that is where cleaning and preservation come in! While we don't personally offer a gown cleaning and preservation service for our brides, we definitely have some suggestions of people to seek to help keep your gown in great condition.

Since we deal with amazing designer who use only the best fabrics when creating their designs, we suggest cleaning and preservation with J. Scheer & Co. - a cleaning and preservation institution in the wedding industry. The process that J. Scheer employees provides our brides with an amazing customer service experience and a return of their gown in the best condition possible. Before ever working on a bride's gown, J. Scheer completely inspects and analyzes the best tools possible to clean the wedding gown. 

Our work begins with a complete inspection and testing of [a bride’s] dress... We take measurements, analyze fabrics, dyes, and weaves, and note ornaments and their composition. Our detailed notes determine which preservation techniques and cleaning methods are the best for your dress, so that fabrics retain their shape and do not discolor, and embellishments remain affixed.
— J. Scheer & Company

After careful evaluation of a bride's gown, the company determines a treatment plan specifically for the dress they are evaluating. After cleaning and preservation, the company packs the bride's dress properly so that it can be stored for decades. The preservation boxes the company uses archival-quality boxes that resist water and mildew and protect the bridal gown from light, insects, and changes in humidity. Perhaps our favorite part about J. Scheer & Co. is that they suggest unpacking your gown once it arrives - simply asking that you pack it in the same way they did to ensure that it is safe! 

Many times our brides ask about the cost associated with preservation through J. Scheer & Co. The conservation, cleaning and preservation services at J. Scheer begin around $600. Our Alabama Bridal Shop and Tennessee Bridal Shop suggest sending your gown to be preserved as soon as possible (and definitely within the first six months of marriage). 

We hope that you decide to preserve and clean your gown after wedding day! For more information about J. Scheer & Co., please visit their website.