Featured: The Tennessean

White Dresses, a Southern bridal shop located in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee, was recently named one of the Top 50 Bridal Shops in the United States by BRIDES Magazine. The Nashville Bridal Boutique was only one of two bridal shops in Tennessee to make the list and was the only Nashville-based Bridal Shop to break the Top 50. The Tennessean highlighted the recent award.

White Dresses Nashville Owner, Ella Kinsland, shared her thoughts on the recent win for best bridal shop in Nashville and one of the best bridal shops in the USA. 

To say we were honored to be named as one of the best bridal shops in the country in an understatement. We were notified of our nomination at the beginning of the year and feel honored that so many of our past brides took time to submit surveys and share their experiences with us with Brides Magazine.
— Ella Kinsland, White Dresses Nashville Owner

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