Featured: BRIDES Magazine

Our Nashville Bridal Shop is excited to share that we were recently chosen as one of the Top 50 Bridal Boutiques in the United States by BRIDES Magazine. The magazine selects the top 50 bridal salons in the United States based off thousands of interviews with real brides who have just completed the gown shopping experience. Our Nashville Bridal Boutique feels so honored to be given this award along with some of the best bridal shops in America! 

iPhone photo of BRIDES Magazine's Top 50 Bridal Salons in America selection.

iPhone photo of BRIDES Magazine's Top 50 Bridal Salons in America selection.

Our Nashville Bridal Salon was the only bridal shop in Nashville to be chosen as one of the Best Bridal Shops in America by BRIDES Magazine and was one of two shops in the state of Tennessee to be chosen. Obviously, we couldn't have been awarded this honor without the amazing help of our precious brides from Nashville and around the entire Southeast!

It is our focus to truly cater to brides during their appointment - so each bride who comes into our shop can expect to have one-on-one attention by being the only bride in the shop. Our experienced owners strive to meet each new bride who enters their doors and work with them to create a bridal look that truly reflects their personality and wedding. It is this focus on brides that has earned the shop attention nationwide and in the community as being the Best Bridal Shop in Nashville.

We caught up with White Dresses Co-Founder and Nashville Bridal Store Owner, Kara Leonard, to discuss the recent honor the shop was awarded.

We were extremely honored and absolutely shocked to be named one of the Top 50 Bridal Shops in America by BRIDES Magazine. As a boutique owner, your dream is to dress brides and help them feel as loved as possible as they search for the most important gown of their life. We always say that we are really terrible salespeople, but we are really good friends - and I think that is part of why we have been successful. I don’t think of my brides as anything other than a new friend when they walk in my doors and, as a friend, I want them to find a gown that reflects who they are as a person! The award is amazing and I am humbled by it, but the fact that my friends (aka my brides) nominated us for such an honor is what truly touches my heart.
— Kara Leonard, Nashville Bridal Shop Owner

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