Finding Your Dress: A Guide to Bridal Gown Silhouettes

You’ve found your partner, and now it’s time to find your wedding dress. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of wedding dresses since you were a little girl. Maybe you never thought you would get married at all, but here you are. Don’t let the sea of seemingly never ending gowns overwhelm you. This is a time of joy and excitement; when you may really start envisioning your walk down the isle toward the person you love. At White Dresses Nashville and White Dresses Birmingham, we’re here to allow you to soak up the moment and find your perfect gown. Perhaps one of the biggest deciding factors is finding the right silhouette for your shape and the desired look on your special day. Here’s a glimpse into the different silhouette options.



This silhouette is among the most popular. Rightfully so, as it is flattering on all body types. As the name suggests, it gives brides an A shape with a fitted bodice and a skirt that gradually widens from the waist to the floor. If you’re unsure of the silhouette you’re looking for, A-Line is a great place to start in your appointment and move in the direction of either fuller or slimmer shapes from there.

*Arwen from TiAdora by Allison Webb. Image from



If you’ve been envisioning your princess moment your whole life, you may be a ballgown bride. This extravagant silhouette gives an extra romantic feel with a tight fitting bodice and a dramatic full skirt to really accentuate and define the waist. All eyes will be on you in this timeless silhouette.

*Romero by Anne Barge Couture. Image from

Fit and Flare


The fit and flare silhouette is a beautiful introduction into the realm of fitted gowns. Allowing more movement and a whimsical look, these dresses are fitted through the hips and provide a subtle flare from the body. Because it elongates the torso, this provides a great shape for our more petite brides.

*1057 by Martina Liana. Image from



The mermaid silhouette offers a bit of sexy sophistication, highlighting the bride’s curves with a fitted shape that flares out just below the knee. Mimicking the tail of a mermaid, this shape works wonderfully for beach and summer weddings, but also gives an ultra glam look for a black tie affair.

*4005 by Olvi’s via A&Be Bridal Shop.



Falling between fit and flare and mermaid, the trumpet silhouette remains fitted through the hips and flares out from the body around mid-thigh. The trumpet flatters hourglass and narrow shapes alike, accentuating or creating curves for a look of feminine elegance.

*1040 by Martina Liana. Image from



The minimalist quality of this silhouette also allows for many different looks on your wedding day with plenty of accessory options to either add some extra glam or keep a clean, simple look. Great for our boho brides due to its light and airy quality, this silhouette gently graces the body and follows its natural shape all the way down to the floor.

*Emily 7832 by Liancarlo. Image from

Whether you think you know the exact silhouette you’re looking for or have not the slightest idea, try on some of the different shapes. Keep an open mind. What you once thought you didn’t want, may be the one that has you saying, “This is it. This is my gown."

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